Interview: Erin Cummings of Bitch Slap

One of the nicest Hollywood stories we’ve heard can be found in the DVD special features of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment’s Bitch Slap (DVD $22.98, released on March 2, 2010). The Russ Meyer-esque bad-ass babes movie is outfitted with the feature-length making-of documentary “Building a Better B-Movie,” which contains a slew of interviews with the cast and crew of the film, amongst them co-star Erin Cummings.

Co-star on the steamy new Encore cable series Spartacus: Blood and Sand (where’s she’s pretty damned sexy!), starlet Cummings relates the story of how she was cast in Bitch Slap — and it’s happily not the sleazy casting couch tale we were expecting, particularly given the sexiness and attitude of the movie in question.

“You know what? After years of being in this business and just assuming that you had to know someone to get anything going on, I was finally proven wrong by being cast in with Bitch Slap,” Cummings proclaims during her on-camera interview, wherein she’s sporting the kind of décolletage and cleavage that undoubtedly helped her snag the film. “It was the traditional casting director putting out a breakdown that says ‘We’re looking for this kind of girl.’ I saw it, I called my agent, my agent submitted me, I got an audition, that led to a call-back, that led to a meeting and then I was cast. So it was the system actually working, and that has renewed my faith in show business.”

Hurray for Hollywood!?

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