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Luke Wilson has always been a guy you just have to like. He always seems to be the kind of person who would hold the door open even for the girl who just dumped him. Yes, he’s doing some rather annoying commercials for AT&T, but for the cash he’s probably getting, can you blame him?

I always try to check out his movies because he always delivers. When you watch a Luke Wilson film, you know what you’re getting and I like what I get. So Tenure, which arrived on DVD on April 13, 2010, quickly made my list.

From Vivendi Entertainment and Blowtorch Entertainment, Tenure is about a professor who is vying for … you guessed it — TENURE!

In this independent film, Wilson has to match wits against another professor, Gretchen Mol, who’s also jockeying for the spot. Mol always seems to be that pretty actress you see in tons of films but never gets the attention I think she deserves.

With a foe as pretty as Mol and Wilson heading up the comedy I’m looking forward to this and you should too!

The DVD is priced at $19.93 and includes deleted scenes and a blooper reel.


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