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Inception movie sceneDirector Christopher Nolan’s $270.5 million-grossing science-fiction thriller Inception doesn’t yet have a DVD and Blu-ray release date for the U.S., but reports the movie will be coming out in the U.K. on Dec. 6 with a Limited Edition Briefcase version.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, Inception tells the story of a group of people who can enter the dreams of others to manipulate them and extract information. Offered the chance to clear his name from a crime he didn’t commit — a crime that keeps him away from his home and two children — DiCaprio takes a dangerous job that will involve going deeper into dreams than anyone has gone before. If he makes it, he can go home, but if he doesn’t, he might get lost in his own subconscious forever.

Inception Limited Edition Briefcase box to be released in the U.K.

Inception Limited Edition Briefcase box to be released in the U.K.

According to BluRayFreak, the U.K. Blu-ray will include these special features:

  • Warner’s usual Maximum Movie Mode with which viewers can see Nolan and DiCaprio talk about the movie on screen as it plays
  • a Motion Comics prologue to the film
  • “Inception: The Cobol Job” online comic with DiCaprio’s Cobb, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Nash (Lukas Haas) being enlisted to Cobol Engineering
  • “Inception: The Big Under,” which thinks is another online comic
  • “Dream of Consciousness” featurette with scientists talking about dreams
  • 15 other featurettes
  • and a photo gallery.

The Limited Edition Briefcase is a replica of a briefcase used in the film and will contain movie art cards and a spinning top.

Although details of the U.S. version have not yet been released by Warner Home Video, based on the U.K.’s Dec. 6 date, we’re guessing Inception will be available here on Dec. 7, the usual Tuesday for DVD and Blu-ray titles. We’ll let you know when we find out more.

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