Christmas Movie Advent Calendar Day 25: It's a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life movie sceneThe No. 1 movie in Disc Dish‘s countdown of the best Christmas movies is, of course, It’s a Wonderful Life. Did you guess that already?

Sure, it’s an old movie, made in 1946, and sure it’s black and white (although it is available colorized), but the story is timeless.

In It’s a Wonderful Life, George Bailey (played by Rear Window‘s James Stewart) is a frustrated businessman. Despite good intentions, nothing he does seems to go right, and at Christmas, he’s headed for financial trouble. Not seeing a way out, he decides the best thing for his wife and children is to kill himself. But an angel stops him and shows Bailey what his family and town would have been if he had never been born. Needless to say, he discovers the world is better with him, and now he knows how wonderful life is, despite difficulties.

One of the reasons It’s a Wonderful Life is such an endearing movie to so many generations is that we can all see ourselves in George Bailey. Who hasn’t had moments of frustration and feeling like the world would be better off without us? Come on, admit it.

But with this movie, we can see, like Bailey does, that life, even with its ups and downs, is truly wonderful.

It’s a Wonderful Life is available on DVD and Blu-ray from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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