News: Megamind 3D with Samsung and more

In more news from the International Consumer 3D Show … oops, I mean International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), DreamWorks Animation said its latest animated movie, Megamind, will be released on Blu-ray 3D this year but will be available only with the purchase of a Samsung 3D product.

Megamind movie scene


DreamWorks’ Shrek movies have been available in 3D through Samsung since last year, and now the studio plans to offer two of its movies, including Megamind, on the new format only with a Samsung product buy this year.

Megamind comes out on DVD and regular Blu-ray on Jan. 25.

The two companies also plan to work together on research and development for future technologies related to 3D TV and smart TV.

No news yet when DreamWorks’ movies will be available to people who purchased another brand of 3D TV.

Meanwhile, on the active vs. passive vs. none eyewear battle, Toshiba will be demonstrating its glasses-free 3D TVs for the first time in the U.S. at CES.

The manufacturer also has eyewear-required 3D TVs coming out: Natural 3D LED TVs, which use more affordable polarized glasses (passive) and Dynamic 3D TVs with the battery-operated active glasses.

And RealD, the company behind the active-shutter eyewear technology, reports that it is designing a lighter weight, lower-power-consumption pair of glasses that will be compatible with the majority of 3D TVs. The company also said it is working with Freescale Semiconductor to develop even better eyewear.

Let the best company win.

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