Movie Irv Reviews Remake Alert! The Wild Bunch, Dirty Dozen, and More

Movies get remade all the time, but which ones are worth it?

How well you enjoyed Tim Burton “re-imagining” Planet of the Apes, or Gus van Sant’s controversial return to the Bates Motel for his 1998 Psycho, or Jonathan Demme’s Charade do-over The Truth About Charlie tells you how steamed you’ll get when you hear that a beloved cinema classic is about to be put through the Remake Cuisinart.

This week, “Movie Irv” is discussing some of the most recent remake buzz. Ready for a return to Westworld? The re-enlistment of  The Dirty Dozen? A reloaded Lethal Weapon?

There’s that, some pecking at the Peckinpah filmography, and more. Tell us what you think about remakes in the comments.

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