New Release: Four Sylvester Stallone action movies on Blu-ray

Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Warner Home Video delivered Sylvester Stallone movies Assassins, Cobra, Demolition Man and The Specialist in high-definition Blu-ray on Aug. 16, 2011. And good ole Sly is his usual bad ass self in each one.

The oldest of the films, 1986’s Cobra stars Stallone as a lock-and-load city cop on the trail of a serial killer.  Stallone’s ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen (Beverly Hills Cop II) also is in the cast.

Stallone also plays a cop in 1993’s Demolition Man, albeit a cop in the future. Cryogenically frozen for a crime he didn’t commit (sentenced to become a popsicle was better than the death penalty in 1996, apparenlty), Stallone is thawed out in the future to take down his old enemy (Wesley Snipes, Game of Death). A convicted killer from the 1990s, Snipes also was frozen but is revived for parole and stars a murderous rampage in the future crime-free society. As they battle, Stallone and Snipes earn the Demolition name nicely. And pre-Oscar Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side), Benjamin Bratt (La Mission) and Denis Leary (TV’s Rescue Me) also star.

Assassins Blu-ray boxIn 1994’s The Specialist, Stallone gets a promotion to an ex-CIA bomb expert. He’s involved with Sharon Stone ($5 a Day), who tries to use her very feminine charms to convince Stallone to bomb the mafia that killed her family. James Woods (Once Upon a Time in America) and Eric Roberts (The Expendables) are also in the film.

Cobra Blu-ray boxDirected by Richard Donner (Superman, of course), 1995’s Assassins stars Stallone on the other side of the law, as a seasoned hit man who wants out of the business, but his retirement is complicated when a younger assassin (Antonio Banderas, Desperado) tries to take him out. Julianne Moore (A Single Man) also stars as a hacker who teams with Stallone.

Each Blu-ray is priced at $19.98.

Cobra includes a making-of featurette and commentary by director George P. Cosmatos, and Demolition Man contain a commentary by director Marco Brambilla and producer Joel Silver.

All made their high-definition debut in the U.S., but Cobra and Demolition Man had been released on Blu-ray overseas.

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