Blu-ray, 3D, DVD Release: The Adventures of Tintin

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: March 13, 2012
Price: DVD $29.99, Blu-ray/DVD Combo $39.99, Blu-ray 3D Combo $44.99
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

The Adventures of TintinWith The Adventures of Tintin, Steven Spielberg (War of the Worlds) brought the beloved comic strip characters to the screen in the kind of CGI animation that was used in The Polar Express and 2009’s A Christmas Carol. Although the motion capture technique is still criticized for creating creepy too-human animated characters, Tintin was applauded for its animation, especially its use of 3D, which is no doubt why it’s available on Blu-ray 3D the same day as DVD and Blu-ray.

The Golden Globe winner for Best Animated Feature Film, The Adventures of Tintin follows the titular character and his loyal dog Snowy as they try to uncover the secrets of a sunken ship that might hold a vast fortune and an ancient curse. The family movie blends tales from the original comics by Herge.

Jamie Bell (Jane Eyre) headlines the voice cast as Tintin, along with Andy Serkis (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), Daniel Craig (Cowboys & Aliens), Nick Frost (Pirate Radio), Simon Pegg (Paul) and Cary Elwes (No Strings Attached). The PG film also has the cache of being produced by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

The Adventures of Tintin Blu-ray boxCheered by critics and audiences alike, The Adventures of Tintin grossed a good $75 million in theaters.

All disc versions have some kind of special features. The DVD contains:

  • “The Journey of Tintin”
  • “Snowy: From Beginning to End.”

Both the Blu-ray/DVD combo and the Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo includes those plus:

  • “Toasting Tintin: Part 1”
  • “The World of Tintin”
  • “The Who’s Who of Tintin”
  • “Tintin: Conceptual Design”
  • “Tintin: In the Volume”
  • “Animating Tintin”
  • “Tintin: The Score”
  • “Collecting Tintin”
  • and “Toasting Tintin: Part 2.”

And all versions have UltraViolet, which allows you to stream the movie or download.

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