Blu-ray, DVD Release: Chasing Madoff

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: April 3, 2012
Price: DVD $24.98, Blu-ray $29.98
Studio: Cohen Media

Chasing Madoff movie scene

A criminal of the highest order is pursued in Chasing Madoff.

The dangerous work of exposing financier Bernie Madoff, the man behind the greatest financial crime of all time where he bilked investors out of some $50 billion across the globe, is recounted in the 2010 documentary Chasing Madoff.

Based on Boston-based securities analyst Harry Markopolos’ New York Times best seller No One Would Listen, writer/director Jeff Prosserman’s Chasing Madoff chronicles the story of how Markopolos began to look into the highly improbably investment gains recorded by Bernard L. Madoff Securities some ten years before Madoff’s arrest. Markopolos and his team of investigators ascertained early on that Madoff was running an immense Ponzi scheme – a fraudulent operation in which wealthy investors were lured by the promise of high returns but for which no actual profits were ever produced. Spotting the crime was one thing; proving it and stopping it became Markopolos’ greater challenge. But in time, he pieced together a chain of white-collar predators and revealed some of the most frightening truths behind the infamous scandal.

The doc also functions as a real-life thriller in which Markopolos found himself and his family in possible danger as he sought to convince skeptical authorities at the Securities and Exchange Commission and elsewhere of Madoff’s great crime, wherein he bilked investors out of some $50 billion across the globe.

Filled with interviews with Markopolos and his fellow investigators (Madoff himself is seen only in archival footage), Chasing Madoff had a limited run in U.S. theaters in August, 2011 to mixed critical reviews.

Check out the trailer, which sadly doesn’t contain any footage of Madoff rotting in jail:

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