News: BBC Screens Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Three DoctorsWe at Disc Dish are big fans of Doctor Who and are thrilled that BBC has been rolling them out on DVD and Blu-ray. We’re even more thrilled that BBC is giving a special screening of Doctor Who: The Three Doctors in our hometown of Austin, Texas, on March 24.

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors was released in a special edition DVD on March 13.

In the episode, the Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and UNIT investigate strange events around Dr. Tyler’s research into cosmic rays. An alien force attacks UNIT HQ and the Doctor has no option but to call on the Time Lords for help. But they’re also under attack, from a mysterious power emanating from a black hole. The only way they can help the Doctor is to break the First Law of Time and allow him to help himself. So the first (William Hartnell) and second (Patrick Troughton) Doctors are brought out of their time streams and sent to the Earth to help find a solution to the threat that endangers UNIT, Earth and the Time Lords themselves.

Doctor Who: The Three Doctors DVD boxThe DVD includes a commentary with actors Katy Manning and Nicholas Courtney and producer Barry Letts, cast biographies and interviews with actors Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Manning and Courtney, as well as writer Bob Baker and Dave Martin.

The Three Doctors screening is being held at 1pm the new Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane, sponsored jointly by BBC and Ain’t It Cool News. Entrance is free, but if you want to reserve a seat, buy a $5 food and beverage voucher at the Drafthouse website.

Disc Dish will be there. If you’re in Austin this weekend, come join us.

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