DVD Release: Plot of Fear

DVD Release Date: May 8, 2012
Price: DVD $19.98
Studio: Raro Video

Plot of Fear movie scene

Corinne Clery (r.) helps Michele Placido solve the mystery behind a series of grisly murders in Plot of Fear.

Murders begin to plague members of the jet set in the 1976 Italian crime thriller film Plot of Fear.

Told through a series of flashbacks, Plot of Fear spins a story of a group of wealthy men and women who get murdered one by one at a decadent weekend party, the killer leaving behind drawings of a famous children’s book on the victims’ mutilated bodies. In an attempt to find a connection between the victims, Inspector Lomenzo (Michele Placido) encounters a mysterious fashion model (Corinne Clery, The Story of O) who becomes his informant. She reveals that at one of the young female victims was “accidently” killed during a gruesome practical joke at the party. But that would mean that there’s someone else at the party killing all the others. Who could it be….?

Directed by Paolo Cavara, the film features appearances by American talents Tom Skerritt (Top Gun) and Eli Wallach (The Ghost Writer).

A minor cult favorite among fans of giallo-styled Italian cinema, the DVD of Plot of Fear is presented in Italian and English with English subtitles.

The DVD contains the following bonus features:

  • Interview with screenwriter Enrico Oldoini
  • Interview with Pietro Cavara (son of director Paolo Cavara)
  • Interview with actor Michele Placido
  • PDF of  fully illustrated booklet containing a critical analysis of the film by Fangoria Magazine’s Chris Alexander
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