News: Lawrence of Arabia Blu-ray bonus features announced!

Lawrence of Arabia movie sceneWe’ve got an update on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Lawrence of Arabia Blu-ray release on November 13, 2012, which represents the high-definition premiere of David Lean’s (Doctor Zhivago) 1962 adventure epic.

There’ve been a couple of changes concerning the release since Sony’s initial announcement in July, 2012. For starters, the Blu-ray will not be issued as a 3-disc edition, as we previously noted. According to a Sony announcement received on Aug. 6, 2012, Lawrence will be available in two configurations: As a two-disc set which includes an UltraViolet downloadable edition, and as a limited edition four-disc collector’s gift set.

Well, technically, the four-disc set contains three Blu-ray discs, but the complete collection is comprised of four discs, one of them being a CD of the classic film’s memorable soundtrack by Maurice Jarre.

Amazon lists the retail price of the four-disc collection as a healthy $95.99, but it’s available through Amazon for a much friendlier $67.19.

Sony has also officially announced the Blu-ray editions’ supplemental packages. The most intriguing bonus feature, a never-before-released deleted scene with an introduction by editor Anne Coates, is apparently only being issued as part of the gift set.

The gift set will also include a 70mm film frame and an 88-page coffee table book.

We’ll keep up on any further developments and let you know. But for now, check out the bonuses:

§   Feature Film, including overture, intermission, entr’acte and exit music
§   Newly re-mastered 5.1 English audio
§   “Secrets of Arabia: Picture-in-Graphic Track

§   Featurettes:
o   “Peter O’Toole Revisits Lawrence of Arabia”  – All-New Interview
o   “The Making of Lawrence of Arabia” documentary
o   “A  Conversation with Steven Spielberg”
o   “The Camels Are Cast”
o   “In Search of Lawrence”
o   “Romance of Arabia”
o   “Wind, Sand and Star: The Making of a Classic” (1970 version)
§  Newsreel Footage of the New York Premiere
§  Advertising Campaigns

DISC 3 (Gift Set Exclusive Disc):
§  Never-Before-Released Deleted Scene with Introduction by Anne Coates
§  “The Lure of the Desert: Martin Scorsese on Lawrence of Arabia” All-New Interview with Martin Scorsese
§  Featurettes:
o   “In Love with the Desert”
o   “King Hussein Visits Lawrence of Arabia Scene”
o   “Wind, Sand and Star” (original version, 1963)
§  Archival Interviews with William Friedkin, Sydney Pollack, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg
§  Trailers/TV Spots:
o   Theatrical Trailer
o   Teaser Trailer #1
o   Teaser Trailer #2
o   70mm Restoration Trailer (1989 Release)
o   TV Spot #1
o   TV Spot #2

DISC 4 (Gift Set Exclusive Disc):
§  Exclusive Lawrence of Arabia Soundtrack CD


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