Adrienne Barbeau Interview

Right off I’ve got to tell you that I hadn’t planned on talking about Adrienne Barbeau’s renowned bust when I interviewed her for the March, 2007 DVD release of the first season of the controversial Seventies sitcom Maude, in which Barbeau co-starred as the titular Bea Arthur’s daughter, Carol.

AdrienneBarbeauBut having done some quick online research, a quote from an earlier interview caught my eye and I had to confirm its authenticity.

“If the producers needed information in a scene, my character was the one to do it,” Ms. Barbeau reportedly had said. “What I didn’t know is that when I said those things, I was usually walking down a flight of stairs and no one was even listening to me. They were just watching my breasts precede me.”

As a boy who had grown up watching Adrienne on Maude and Fantasy Island (not to mention Battle of the Network Stars, The Cannonball Run, The Fog and, hell, even Celebrity Bowling)—I had to ask her if she really said that. And, more importantly, if it was true!

“Oh yes, yes, of course,” she laughed at my query. “Of course, it’s something I found out years later. It’s something that fans pointed out to me and, well, there it is!  I imagine that the way I looked was probably not what exposition or comedy people were expecting!

Wow. So now I know.

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