Blu-ray Release: Harlock: Space Pirate 2D and 3D

Blu-ray Release Date: Jan. 19, 2015
Price: Blu-ray $34.95
Studio: Twilight Time

The futuristic, fatalistic epic animé adventure, Harlock: Space Pirate (2013) is an adaptation of the spectacularly popular Leiji Matsumoto saga, directed by Shinji Aramaki.

HarlockSpacePirate_3_optThe story is about an intergalactic war with Earth as the ultimate prize and the eponymous Captain Harlock as its only potential defender. Fighting against the authoritarian universal government known as the Gaia Coalition, Harlock and his loyal crew are the sole beings with a chance of defeating the Coalition and returning humanity to Earth.

Twilight Time’s package includes two versions of Harlock: Space Pirate – the original Japanese version (Disc 1) and the international cut of the film (Disc 2). The two versions come in both 3D and 2D.

The Blu-ray contains the following features:
-Isolated score track (Original Japanese Version)
-Interviews with Harlock Creator Leiji Matsumoto, Director Shinji Aramaki, and Adaptation/Screenwriter Harutoshi Fukui
-The Making of Harlock: Space Pirate
-Venice Film Festival World Premiere Highlights
-Storyboard Galleries
-TV Spots
-Original Theatrical Trailers

As supplier Twilight Time prints up only 3,000 copies of each title, be sure to head over to the Twilight Time site or that of distributor Screen Archives NOW so you can put in your prebook order!


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