Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD Release: Knight of Cups

Digital Release Date: June 21, 2016, Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: June 21, 2016
Price: DVD $13.99, Blu-ray $14.99
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Knight of Cups is the latest film written and directed by the great Terrence Malick, making it his seventh feature-length project in 42 years, following such brilliant works as Badlands, Days of Heaven and The Tree of Life.

Christian Bale and Teresa Palmer in Knight of Cups

Christian Bale and Teresa Palmer in Knight of Cups

A drama-romance in the inimitable “higher meaning” mode of all Malick projects, the film follows writer Rick (Christian Bale, American Hustle), on an odyssey through the playgrounds of Los Angeles and Las Vegas as he undertakes a search for love and self. His quest to break the spell of his disenchantment takes him on a series of adventures with six alluring women:  rebellious Della (Imogen Poots, Need for Speed); his physician ex-wife, Nancy (Cate Blanchett, Truth); a serene model Helen (Freida Pinto, Immortals); a woman he wronged in the past Elizabeth (Natalie Portman, Black Swan), a spirited, playful stripper Karen (Teresa Palmer, I Am Number Four); and an innocent Isabel (Isabel Lucas, Daybreakers), who helps him see a way forward. Rick moves in a daze through a strange and overwhelming dreamscape — but can he wake up to the beauty, humanity and rhythms of life around him?

Also starring Brian Dennehy (Cocoon) and Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games), Knight of Cups opened to mixed reviews, though virtually everyone agreed on the gorgeousness of the film’s cinematogaphy by three-time Oscar winner Emmanuel Lubezki (The Revenant).

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