DVD Release: Outsiders: Season Two

DVD Release Date: May 23, 2017
Price: DVD $24.99
Studio: Sony

The epic struggle for power rages on with the arrival of WGN America’s drama series Outsiders: Season Two on DVD.

Starring David Morse (World War Z), Season Two turns up the intensity as G’Win Farrell (Gillian Alexy) becomes the new clan leader and has to face the repercussions of her decisions in her newfound role. She is put to the test as the clan becomes divided and Asa (Joe Anderson, Love Happens), Hasil (Kyle Gallner, Cougars Inc.) and Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst) dangerously stray from the pack. Can she unite the Farrell family to fend off Sheriff Wade Houghton (Thomas M. Wright) and the coal company’s efforts to take over the mountain?

Created by Peter Mattei (Love in the Time of Money), the Outsiders: Season Two DVD contains all 13 episodes in a four-disc set that includes 29 deleted scenes. In addition, and available for a limited time only, a multi-season DVD set will also be available on May 23. The 8-disc DVD package includes all 26 episodes from Seasons One and Two with two behind-the-scenes featurettes from Season One and, all in, 47 deleted scenes from both seasons.

Oh yeah, and Outsiders was cancelled in April by WGN. So that’s all folks…!

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