DVD Release: The Best of The Three Stooges

DVD Release Date: Oct. 23, 2018
Price: DVD $99.95
Studio: Timne Life

With an appropriate “Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk,” the boys are back in town in The Best of The Three Stooges 13-disc DVD Collection from Time Life.

With this set, Time Life brings together the Stooges greatest hits—many of which have been available on disc over the years—in one exclusive collection. All in, there’s some 45 hours of Stooges content to be found here.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • THE BEST OF THE THREE STOOGES: COLUMBIA PICTURES SHORTS 1934-1945 — These two volumes feature 87 short films from 1934 to 1945, with the Stooges hitting their stride and settling into their definitive roles- Moe as boss, Larry the middleman, and Curly as their foil. (8 Discs; 1496 mins)
  • THE BEST OF THE THREE STOOGES: SHORTS, CARTOONS, & FEATURE FILMS — From feature-length films to rare cartoons and vintage shorts – this collection includes Shemp Howard Comedy Shorts (14 classics from the ’30s & ’40s); Joe Besser Comedy Shorts (10 side-splitters from the ’40s & ’50s), Joe DeRita Comedy Shorts (4 smackers from the ’40s), Feature Films (The Three Stooges (2000, biopic); Have Rocket, Will Travel; The Outlaws Is Coming and Rockin’ in the Rockies; The Three Stooges Cartoons, inluding Bon Bon Parade (1935), Merry Mutineers (1936), A Hollywood Detour (1942), as well as the bonus 9-part documentary series “Hey Moe! Hey Dad!,” which takes fans behind the scenes with the family of The Three Stooges as they share never-before-seen footage and photos. (5 discs; 1309 mins)

The whole kit and kaboodle is available THREESTOOGESDVDS.COM.

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