DVD Release: Amerika Square

Digital & DVD Release Date: Sept. 15, 2020
Price: DVD $18.25
Studio: Corinth Films

A tattoo artist, his racist friend and a Syrian refugee collide in an Athens neighborhood in Amerika Square, a contemporary drama from Greek filmmaker Yannis Sakaridis.

Nakos (Makis Papadimitriou), an unemployed inhabitant of the small neighborhood of Amerika Square and, has had enough of the thousands of refugees in his neighborhood. Much of his frustration stems from his inability to do anything about Athens new demographics, a situation he spends most of his time brooding over instead of undertaking measures to address the bigger problem at hand – his dead-end life. Nakos’ only confidante is his childhood friend, Billy (Yannis Stankoglou), who doesn’t share his friend’s limited worldview and believes welcoming refugees is the correct response to the crisis of people fleeing war. While Nakos works a sinister plan to eliminate these illegals, Billy seizes upon an opportunity to help two migrants escape from Athens. The friends’ stories collide when Nakos’ malicious acts stop their smuggler cold and Billy is forced to step in as time runs out. In the end, sympathy and selflessness resonate more brightly than intolerance and Nakos finds his anti-migrant attitude to have cost him friends, family and the shreds of pride and dignity that had been clutching all along.

Based on the novel by Yannis Tsirbas, Amerika Square was selected by Greece as their “Best International Film” submission for the 90th Academy Awards.

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