Blu-ray Release: Genesis II / Planet Earth 2-Film Collection

Blu-ray Release Date: Sept. 29, 2020
Price: Blu-ray $17.99
Studio: Warner Archive

So begins Genesis II, a 1973 TV movie pilot for a sci-fi series the visionary creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry. This dystopian future flick follows NASA scientist Dylan Hunt (Alex Cord), who is buried in his own suspended-animation machine at NASAs underground Carlsbad complex following an earthquake. Revived in the terrifying 22nd century by the pacifists of PAX, descendants of his fellow scientists, he learns of The Great Conflict, a third and final world war that destroyed everything he knew. As an agent of PAX, Dylan seeks to spread the message of science and peace throughout this savage and strange new world called Earth. His first dust-up comes when he  encounters the Tyranians, a mutant, militaristic neighboring civilization.

Well, the network didn’t pick up Genesis II

Roddenberry retooled it and a year later came back with a second pilot for the same story, retitling it Planet Earth and casting the much-more Captain Kirk-ish John Saxon as the lead. In this second attempt, Dylan journeys to a district known as the Confederacy, where a despotic matriarchy led by Diana Muldar enslaves all males. This one is more fun and action-filled than Genesis II, but the network still wasn’t interested…

So, what we’re now left with are the two pilot films, each clocking in at a lean 74 minutes, and the thrill of Genesis II’s lovely Mariette Hartley (Barquero) portraying a Tyranian woman born with a dual circulatory system, two hearts and two adorable belly buttons!

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