Film Review: Land

STUDIO: Focus Features | DIRECTOR: Robin Wright | CAST: Robin Wright, Kim Dickens, Demian Bechir, Warren Christie, Brad Leland
RELEASE DATE: Feb. 12, 2021
SPECS: PG-13 | 89 min. | Drama

RATINGS (out of 5 dishes): Movie  1/2

For her feature film directing debut, Robin Wright has chosen a sad, introspective drama in which she also stars.

In Land, Wright (Adore) plays Edee Mathis, a 40ish woman who retreats to a cabin in the wilderness after the traumatic loss of her son and husband. Seeking refuge in her solace and distance from civilization, Edee attempts to fend for herself without much luck. Eventually, she gets help from Miguel (Demian Bichir, The Midnight Sky), a local man guarding secrets in his past, who shows Edee hunting and survival skills. The two attempt to connect in hopes they can move forward with their lives, leaving personal tragedies in the past.

Land is a solemn affair that is well-acted by its leads, gorgeously photographed in Alberta, Canada by veteran cinematographer Bobby Bukowski (The Messenger) and features a haunting string-oriented score by Ben Sollee, showcased by a mesmerizing cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” by the British folk girl group The Staves.

The film is a well-meaning, slow-moving mood piece, heavy on despondence but with some striking scenery thrown in for good measure. It marks an unusual first-time behind-the-camera big screen choice for Wright, who energetically helmed several episodes of Netflix’s House of Cards. the hit series in which she co-starred.

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