The documentary feature The New Ratline premieres in Los Angeles on Friday, June 17

The documentary feature The New Ratline, which chronicles journalist John Carlos Frey’s investigation into the global crisis of sex crimes against women and children within the Catholic church system, will have its global premiere tomorrow, Friday June 17, at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese 6 Theater as part of the Dances with Films festival in Los Angeles.

Directed by Emmy-nominated director and producer Thomas Backer, the film specifically documents the alleged crimes of Father Jesus Suarez, a Colombian priest who was moved from Colombia to the U.S. after legitimate allegations and lawsuits of rape and pedophilia came forward against Latinas. Suarez soon disappeared, ushering Frey to try and flush out his whereabouts to prove his guilt and restore justice to the Hispanic women harmed by him.

In the film, Frey talks with women who were repeatedly raped and had children by Father Suarez. As Frey’s investigation unfolds, this film offers its perspective on the corruption, abuse and conspiracy that underlined the story.

Stories of child sexual abuse by priests in the Catholic Church have resulted in numerous lawsuits and nearly 249 criminal cases over the past 20 years. Subsequent investigations suggest that there were thousands of victims spanning several decades and that the abuse continues to happen.

“This heinous crime against children continues and the church thinks it’s better to cover it up than to address it,” stated John Carlos Frey.

“Latin American women and children are still being preyed upon by these sexual predators,” commented Thomas Backer.  “And the serial rapists are encouraged to do whatever heinousness they want by their misogynistic leaders. We hope this film will bring the issue back to the front where it needs to be. It cannot continue.”

The New Ratline screens on Friday, June 17 at 7:00pm at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre. Ticket are available here.

Filmmakers John Carlos Frey and Thomas Backer will be in attendance to host a panel after the screening.

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