Blu-ray Release: Douglas Fairbanks Double Feature: The Three Musketeers / The Iron Mask

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Available now
Price: Blu-ray $19.99
Studio: Cohen Media / Kino Lorber

Douglas Fairbanks, The King of Hollywood, stars in two action-packed spectacles featuring him in the role he was born to play: Alexandre Dumas’ D’Artagnan!

In 1921’s The Three Musketeers, we are introduced to the young D’Artagnan, a naïve and ambitious farm boy whose acrobatic swordsmanship earns him the respect of King Louis XIII’s elite regiment of guards, The Musketeers. Doug reprises his role in 1929’s The Iron Mask, which finds D’Artagnan and his fellow Musketeers under threat by the sinister Cardinal Richelieu and Count De Rochefort.

For the restoration of The Three Musketeers, a full frame 35MM fine grain positive was scanned at 4K. At the suggestion of Fairbanks scholar Jeffrey Vance, the scan was done at an historically appropriate 21 frames per second. Following this, more than 150 hours of digital clean-up was completed at 2K. The Iron Mask was restored by Cohen Film Collection in association with Photoplay Productions and was based on 1999 photochemical restoration and Patrick Stanbury and Kevin Brownlow.

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