DVD and Blu-ray Release Calendar

Below is a list of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray titles by release date:


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
4Show Me a Hero (HBO/Warner)DramaDigital
5The Complete Lady Snowblood (Criterion)Foreign actionDVD, Blu-ray
5Irrational Man (Sony)MysteryDigital
5Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (Sony)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
5Sleeping With Other People (Paramount)ComedyDVD
5Valentino (Lorber)BiographyBlu-ray
5The Walk (Sony)BiographyDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
12The American Friend (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
12Bitter Rice (Universal)Foreign melodramaDVD, Blu-ray
12Black Mass (Warner)CrimeDigital
12Figures in a Landscape (Kino Lorber)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
12How I Won the War (Kino Lorber)British comedyBlu-ray
12Irrational Man (Sony)MysteryDVD, Blu-ray
12The Last Witch Hunter (Lionsgate)FantasyDigital
12The Martian (Fox)Science-fictionDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
19All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records (FilmRise)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray
19Bound for Glory (Twilight Time)BiographyBlu-ray
19The Diary of a Teenage Girl (Sony)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
19Everest (Universal)AdventureDVD, Blu-ray
19From the Terrace (Twilight Time)RomanceBlu-ray
19Gilda (Well Go USA)Film noirDVD, Blu-ray
19The Happy Ending (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
19Harlock: Space Pirate 2D and 3D (Twilight Time)Foreign animationBlu-ray
19Hawaii (Twilight Time)EpicBlu-ray
19Inside Llewyn Davis (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
19The Intern (Warner)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
19The Last Detail (Twilight Time)ComedyBlu-ray
19Learning to Drive (Broadgreen Pictures)Comedy dramaDVD, VOD
19Our Brand Is Crisis (Warner)DramaDigital
19Serial (1980, Olive Films)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
19Stonewall (Lionsgate)DramaDVD, Digital
22Spectre (Fox)ThrillerDigital
26Kansas City Confidential (The Film Directive)Classic crimeBlu-ray
26The New Girlfriend (Cohen Media)Foreign melodramaDVD, Blu-ray
26The UnREAL: Season 1 (Lionsgate)ComedyDVD, Digital


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
2Breathe (Film Movement)Foreign dramaDVD
2Bridge of Spies (Disney)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
2Gorp (Kino Lorber)Cult comedyDVD, Blu-ray
2The Keeping Room (Drafthouse/Cinedigm)WesternDVD, Blu-ray
2Man Up (Lionsgate)Romantic comedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
2Our Brand Is Crisis (Warner)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
2Show Me a Hero (HBO/Warner)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
2The World of Kanako (Drafthouse)Foreign horrorDVD, Blu-ray
9The Emigrants/The New Land (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
9Freaks of Nature (Sony)Horror comedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
9The Night Before (Sony)ComedyDigital
9Spectre (Fox)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
16Black Mass (Warner)CrimeDVD, Blu-ray
16Creed (Warner)Sports dramaDigital
16Death by Hanging (Criterion)Foreign comedyDVD, Blu-ray
16The Kid (1621, Criterion)Classic comedyDVD, Blu-ray
16Secret Admirer (Olive Films)Romantic comedyBlu-ray
16Sleep With Me (Olive Films)DramaBlu-ray
16Where the Sidewalk Ends (Twilight Time)CrimeBlu-ray
22The Last Witch Hunter (Lionsgate)FantasyDVD, Blu-ray
23The Graduate (Criterion)Classic comedyDVD, Blu-ray
23The Good Dinosaur (Pixar/Disney)Animated familyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
23I Knew Her Well (Criterion)Foreign comedyDVD, Blu-ray
23Spies (Kino Lorber)Foreign thrillerBlu-ray
23Victor Frankenstein (Fox)HorrorDigital
26The Assassin (Well Go USA)Foreign actionDVD, Blu-ray, Digital



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
1Creed (Warner)Sports dramaDVD, Blu-ray
1The Night Before (Sony)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
8Paris Belongs To Us (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
8Victor Frankenstein (Fox)HorrorDVD, Blu-ray
15The Manchurian Candidate (1962, Criterion)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
22A Brighter Summer Day (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
29Bicycle Thieves (Criterion)Foreign classicBlu-ray
29A Poem is a Naked Person (Criterion)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
26Brief Encounter (Criterion)British classicDVD, Blu-ray

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