DVD and Blu-ray Release Calendar

Below is a list of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray titles by release date:


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
3Criterion Eclipse Series 44: Julien Duvivier in the Thirties (Criterion)ForeignDVD
3Croupier (Hen’s Tooth)CrimeDVD, Blu-ray
3Digging for Fire (Paramount)DramaDVD
3The End of the Tour (Lionsgate)DramaDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
3Inside Out (Pixar/Disney)Animated familyDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
3She’s Funny That Way (Lionsgate)Romantic comedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
3Vacation (Warner)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
6Mistress America (Fox)ComedyDigital
6Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown (Universal Music Group)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray
10American Ultra (Lionsgate)ComedyDigital
10Better Call Saul: Season One (Sony)TV crimeDVD, Blu-ray
10Broken Lance (Twilight Time)WesternBlu-ray
10Code Unknown (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
10Fatherland (Twilight Time)Foreign dramaBlu-ray
10Flowers in the Attic 4-Film Collection (Lionsgate)ThrillerDVD
10Mr. Holmes (Lionsgate)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
10Scorpio (Twilight Time)ThrillerBlu-ray
10Sense and Sensibility (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
10Shadows and Fog (Twilight Time)ComedyBlu-ray
10Shaun the Sheep Movie (Lionsgate)Animated familyDigital
10Terminator Genisys (Paramount)Science-fictionDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
10Trainwreck (Universal)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
10Two Men in Town (Cohen Media)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
13No Escape (2015, Starz/Anchor Bay)ActionDigital
17Ant-Man (Disney)Science-fictionDigital
17The Apu Trilogy (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
17In Cold Blood (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
17Dark Film Mysteries (Film Chest)Classic crimeDVD
17The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Warner)ActionDVD, Blu-ray
17Meru (Music Box Films)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray
17The Stanford Prison Experiment (IFC)DramaDVD
17White of the Eye (Scream Factory/Shout! Factory)HorrorDVD, Blu-ray
19Quiet Riot: Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back (Double R Films)DocumentaryDVD, VOD
20Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All (Eagle Rock)BiographyDVD, Blu-ray
24American Ultra (Lionsgate)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
24Don’t Look Back (Criterion)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray
24A Hard Day (Kino Lorber)Foreign crimeDVD, Blu-ray
24Ikiru (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
24Minions (Universal)Animated familyDigital
24No Escape (2015, Starz/Anchor Bay)ActionDVD, Blu-ray
24Ricki and The Flash (Sony)DramaDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
24Shaun the Sheep Movie (Lionsgate)Animated familyDVD, Blu-ray


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
1Cooties (Criterion)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
1Downhill Racer (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
1Fear the Walking Dead: Season One (Anchor Bay)TV horrorDVD, Blu-ray
1Mistress America (Fox)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
1Roger Waters The Wall (Universal)Music/PerformanceDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
1Welcome to L.A. (Kino Lorber)DramaBlu-ray
8Ant-Man (Disney)Science-fictionDVD, Blu-ray
8Blind (2014, KimStim/Icarus)Foreign dramaDVD
8Bobbie Jo and The Outlaw (Kino Lorber)CrimeBlu-ray
8Born Free (Twilight Time)AdventureBlu-ray
8Jellyfish Eyes (Pixar/Disney)Foreign fantasyDVD, Blu-ray
8Kings Go Forth (Twilight)WarBlu-ray
8Minions (Universal)Animated familyDVD, Blu-ray
8Mysterious Island (Twilight Time)FantasyBlu-ray
8Nineteen Eighty-Four (Twilight Time)Science-fictionBlu-ray
8Partisan (Well Go USA)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
8Speedy (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
15Burroughs: The Movie (Criterion)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray
15The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (Fox)Science-fictionDVD, Blu-ray
15Pan (Warner)FantasyDigital
15Ted 2 (Universal)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
22Everest (Universal)AdventureDigital
22Nasty Baby (Sony)DramaDVD
22Pan (Warner)FantasyDigital
22Sleeping With Other People (Paramount)ComedyDigital



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
5The Complete Lady Snowblood (Criterion)Foreign actionDVD, Blu-ray
5Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (Sony)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
5Sleeping With Other People (Paramount)ComedyDVD
5Valentino (Lorber)BiographyBlu-ray
12The American Friend (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
12Bitter Rice (Universal)Foreign melodramaDVD, Blu-ray
19Gilda (Well Go USA)Film noirDVD, Blu-ray
19Inside Llewyn Davis (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
19Everest (Universal)AdventureDVD, Blu-ray



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
23The Graduate (Criterion)Classic comedyDVD, Blu-ray

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