DVD and Blu-ray Release Calendar

Below is a list of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray titles by release date:


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
1Fifty Shades of Grey (Universal)EroticaDigital
5Blackhat (Universal)ThrillerDigital
5A Few Best Men (Universal)ComedyDVD
5Goodfellas 25th Anniversary (Warner)CrimeBlu-ray
5The Last Five Years (Anchor Bay/The Weinstein Co.)MusicalDVD, Blu-ray
5Miss Julie (Lionsgate)DramaDVD
5Mortdecai (Lionsgate)ComedyDigital
5My Mistress (Film Movement)DramaDVD
5The Nun (Film Movement)Foreign dramaDVD
8Fifty Shades of Grey (Universal)EroticaDVD, Blu-ray
12American Buffalo (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
12Blackhat (Universal)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
12Carla’s Song (Twilight Time)RomanceBlu-ray
12Hombre (Twilight Time)WesternBlu-ray
12Make Way for Tomorrow (Criterion)RomanceBlu-ray
12A Man For All Seasons (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
12Mississippi Burning (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
12Mortdecai (Lionsgate)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
12A Year in Champagne (First Run Features)DocumentaryDVD
15Kingsman: The Secret Service (Fox)Action comedyDigital
19American Sniper (Warner)DramaDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
19CPO Sharkey: Season One (Time Life)TV comedyDVD
19Extremeties (Olive Films)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
19Leviathan (2014, Sony)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
19Limelight (1952) (Criterion)Classic dramaDVD, Blu-ray
19The Rose (Criterion)Music dramaDVD, Blu-ray
19Welcome to Sweden: Season One (Entertainment One)TV comedyDVD
26Chappie (Sony)Science-fictionDigital
26The Confession (Criterion)Foreign thrillerDVD, Blu-ray
26The Merchant of Four Seasons (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
26State of Siege (Criterion)Foreign thrillerDVD, Blu-ray
28Still Alice (Sony)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
29Unfinished Business (Fox)ComedyDigital


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
2Focus (2015, Warner)Crime dramaDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
2Jupiter Ascending (Warner)WarnerDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, Digital
2The Lazarus Effect (Fox)HorrorDigital
9Absolute Beginners (Twilight Time)MusicalBlu-ray
9Kingsman: The Secret Service (Fox)Action comedyDVD, Blu-ray
9Mississippi Mermaid (Twilight Time)Film noirBlu-ray
9State of Grace (Twilight Time)CrimeBlu-ray
9The Strain: Season 1 Collector’s Edition (Fox)TV horrorBlu-ray
9The Young Lions (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
16Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn: 3 Films (Criterion)Classic comedyDVD, Blu-ray
16Chappie (Sony)Science-fictionDigital
16The Lazarus Effect (Fox)HorrorDVD, Blu-ray
16Unfinished Business (Fox)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
23The Bridge (1959) (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
23The Fisher King (Criterion)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
30Five Easy Pieces (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
30Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Criterion)Foreign fantasyDVD, Blu-ray



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
7The Killers (Criterion)CrimeDVD, Blu-ray
14Here Is Your Life (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
14Hiroshima Mon Amour (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
21My Beautiful Launderette (Criterion)British dramaDVD, Blu-ray



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
25The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Anchor Bay)TV horrorDVD, Blu-ray



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
22Moonrise Kingdom (2012, Criterion)TV horrorDVD, Blu-ray

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