DVD and Blu-ray Release Calendar

Below is a list of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray titles by release date:


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
4Child 44 (Lionsgate)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
4Into the Grizzly Maze (Sony)Action adventureDVD
4Night and the City (1950, Criterion)Classic crimeDVD, Blu-ray
4True Story (Fox)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
112 Broke Girls: Season 4 (Warner)TV comedyDVD
11Aloha (Sony)Romantic comedyDigital
11Eclipse 43: Agnes Varda in California (Criterion)DocumentaryDVD
11The French Lieutenant’s Woman (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
11Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (Twilight Time)Classic dramaBlu-ray
11Hot Pursuit (Warner)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
11House of Bamboo (Twilight Time)Crime dramaBlu-ray
11The Little House (Twilight Time)Foreign dramaBlu-ray
11Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner)Science-fictionDigital
11A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (Twilight Time)ComedyBlu-ray
11Still of the Night (Kino Lorber)CrimeBlu-ray
11Summer Lovers (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
14Good Kill (Paramount)ThrillerDigital
18Day for Night (Criterion)Foreign romanceDVD, Blu-ray
18Dressed to Kill (1980, Criterion)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
18The D Train (Paramount)ComedyDigital
18Lambert & Stamp (Sony)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray, Digital
18A Town Called Hell (Kino Lorber)WesternDVD, Blu-ray
18Z Storm (Well Go USA)ThrillerDigital, DVD, Blu-ray
25Aloha (Sony)Romantic comedyDVD, Blu-ray
25Banksy Does New York (Kino Lorber)DocumentaryDVD
25Citizenfour (Sony)DocumentaryDVD, Blu-ray
25Entourage: The Movie (Warner)ComedyDigital
25Two Days, One Night (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
25The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Anchor Bay)TV horrorDVD, Blu-ray


StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
1The D Train (Paramount)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
1The Decent One (Kino Lorber)Foreign documentaryDVD
1Good Kill (Paramount)ThrillerDVD, Blu-ray
1Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner)Science-fictionDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
4Poltergeist (2015, Fox)HorrorDigital
4Spy (Fox)Action comedyDigital, DVD, Blu-ray
810 To Midnight (Twilight Time)ThrillerBlu-ray
8At Close Range (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
8Emperor of the North (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
8Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (Disney)Science-fictionDigital
15Blind Chance (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
18Fat City (Twilight Time)DramaBlu-ray
22Arrow: Season 3 (Warner)TV actionDVD, Blu-ray
22Breaker Morant (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
22Mister Johnson (Criterion)DramaDVD, Blu-ray
22Moonrise Kingdom (2012, Criterion)TV horrorDVD, Blu-ray
29The Honeymoon Killers (Criterion)Cult romanceDVD, Blu-ray
29iZOMBIE: Season 1 (Warner)TV comedyDVD
29Jane the Virgin: Season 1 (Warner)TV comedyDVD
29Entourage: The Movie (Warner)ComedyDVD, Blu-ray
29Poltergeist (2015, Fox)HorrorDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
29Spy (Fox)Action comedyDVD, Blu-ray



StreetTitle (Label/Distributor)GenreFormats
2Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (Disney)Science-fictionDVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D
6My Own Private Idaho (Criterion)DramaBlu-ray
13The Brood (Criterion)HorrorDVD, Blu-ray
13A Special Day (Criterion)Foreign dramaDVD, Blu-ray
20Kwaidan (Criterion)Foreign horrorDVD, Blu-ray
27Mulholland Dr. (Criterion)Cult romanceDVD, Blu-ray

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