New Release: Wild Things: Foursome DVD and Blu-ray

Wild Things: Foursome, starring John Schneider and Jillian Murray, debuted on DVD and Blu-ray on June 1, 2010, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The movie is the latest installment in the series of films with hot chicks and, well hot chicks doing things that hot chicks like to do. Hot chicks sometimes like to wash their car in their bikinis because… it’s hot out, ya know? Hot chicks are often found applying the condensation from a coke can to their beautiful long necks, ALSO because it’s HOT!

In this particular film, it appears that some wrongdoing may have fallen onto Hotel magnate Ted Wheetley as he was killed mysteriously in a speed boat accident.

His son Carson, played by the California hunkiness of Ashley Parker Angel, is the prime suspect in the case, taken up by Detective Frank Walker, played by Schneider.

But let’s get back to WHY you want to see this movie. Is it because you’re concerned about Mr. Wheetley’s death or Carson’s fate?

OR is it because you really want to see some babes in bikinis splashing around in a playful way while dudes with abs that look like they’ve been chiseled from stone try to hook up with them?

I would pick the latter, but I’m not as highfalutin as some.

The Wild Things: Foursome DVD and Blu-ray were released for the suggested list prices of $24.96 and $30.95, respectively … but what does cost matter when you’re talking about high-def hot chicks?

The Blu-ray is BD-Live enabled as well.


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