Blu-ray, 3D, DVD Release: Immortals

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: March 6, 2012
Price: DVD $29.98, Blu-ray $39.99, Blu-ray 3D $49.99
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

ImmortalsImmortals, which boasts that it’s “from the producers of 300,” has the same sword-slashing battles and stylized look as the earlier film.

This 2011 fantasy movie tells the story of Theseus (Henry Cavill, The Tudors), a mortal man who’s chosen by Zeus (Luke Evans, The Three Musketeers) to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke, Iron Man 2), who is rampaging across Greece to get the Epirius Bow, a weapon that can destroy humanity.

The testosterone-heavy cast also includes Stephen Dorff (Somewhere), John Hurt (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) and Kellan Lutz (Arena).

Rated R, Immortals was directed by Tarsem Singh, whose The Cell was equally stylized.

Immortals Blu-ray boxDespite a lukewarm reception from critics, Immortals grossed a tidy $82.7 million when it was in theaters, no doubt thanks to the 300 connection and it’s stunning-looking visuals.

Austin Chronicle critic called the movie “silly, self-serious, instantly forgettable and inaptly named.” But not every critic didn’t like it. Stephen Lambrechts at IGN Movies AU wrote, “With Immortals, Tarsem has created a beautiful and sumptuous mythological epic with visual strengths that far outweigh the weaknesses of its fairly standard script.” Of course, the good in his review does have its caveat.

The DVD includes two special features:

  • deleted scenes
  • behind-the-scenes featurette “It’s No Myth”

Immortals Blu-ray 3D boxAnd the Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D versions contain those plus these extras:

  • alternate opening “Young Theseus”
  • two alternate endings “This Is Out Last Embrace” and “Theseus Kills Hyperion”
  • behind-the-scenes featurette “Caravaggio Meets Fight Club: Tarsem’s Vision”
  • graphic novel Immortals: Gods & Heroes
  • downloadable digital copy of the film.

Check out the movie’s trailer:


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