DVD Release: Shut Up!

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Sept. 25, 2012
Price: DVD $24.95
Studio: Hen’s Tooth

Shut Up! movie scene

Gerard Depardieu and Jean Reno are on the lam in Shut Up!

Jean Reno (Margaret) and Gerard Depardieu (Potiche) star in the 2003 French caper movie Shut Up!.

In the comedy, Quentin (Depardieu) is an amiable idiot who drives everyone crazy with his mindless, incessant chatter. After a botched hold-up, he’s thrown in a prison cell with Ruby (Reno), a hard-boiled thief who refuses to speak at all.

After the unlikely pair escape from jail together, Ruby is unable to shake the cumbersome but oddly helpful Quentin. But Quentin might be just the kind of person that Ruby needs when he finds himself pursued by his former gang and the police, both hoping to lay their hands on the 20 million Euros he has secretly stashed away.

Written and directed by Francis Veber (The Dinner Game), Shut Up! (or Tais-toi!, as it’s known in its native French) also stars Richard Berry (The Valet) and Leonor Varela (Hell Ride).

The movie was well-reviewed by critics when it played in theaters across Europe, South America and Asia in 2003 to 2004. The film wasn’t released in theaters in the U.S., which is odd considering the Stateside popularity of its leading men. The DVD release by Hen’s Tooth represents its U.S. home entertainment premiere.

Presented in French with optional English subtitles, Shut Up! does not come with any bonus features on DVD.


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