DVD Review: William Shatner's Get A Life!

STUDIO: Entertainment One | DIRECTOR: William Shatner
DVD RELEASE DATE: 8/12/2014 | PRICE: DVD $19.98
BONUSES: sizzle reel, William Shatner and Robert Walker, extended looks at fans
SPECS: NR | 60 min. | Documentary | 1.78:1 widescreen | Dolby Digital 5.1

RATINGS (out of 5 dishes): Movie  | Audio  | Video | Overall

An EPIX original documentary directed by William Shatner based on his 1999 book, its title referencing his infamous 1986 Saturday Night Live sketch where he slammed his Trekkie following, Get A Life! takes a look at the ever-thriving group that is still the most dedicated fanbase in the galaxy…

Get A Life movie scene

Conventioneers break out the costumes in Get A Life!

A follow up to his 2011 five-part EPIX doc The Captains, Get A Life! finds Shatner and his crew at the 2011 Las Vegas Star Trek convention, where he hits the trading floor, contests and seminars, interviewing fans and a few former cast members (Rene Auberjonois, Dominic Keating, Nana Visitor and others) in find out what drives Trek fans to such impassioned dedication.

Not surprisingly, Get A Life!‘s best segments are not with Shatner as he attempts to find deeper meaning to Trekkies’ obsessions (even going so far as to make parallels to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey), but rather the times when the actual fans and their stories are front and center. The experience of a Terry Farrell fan when she has a personal meeting with her idol; “Captain Dave,” a lifelong enthusiast with Muscular Dystrophy; the Borg fanatic who creates a prize-winning Borg outfit for a costume competition (it looks as good or better than the ones in the TV show)—these are sections that best exemplify the passion of the Trekkie, along with a collective declaration that they’ve all become “convention families” over the years. By the end of the movie, one senses that Shatner understands that the fans aren’t just there to see him, but to connect with each other.


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