Blu-ray, DVD Release: Liquid Sky

Blu-ray Release Date: April 24, 2018
Price: Blu-ray/DVD Combo $19.93
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome

Liquid Sky is a 1982 cult favorite that is considered to be one of the most memorable portraits of Manhattan’s early and, ultimately dark, 1980s downtown culture.

Anne Carlisle in Liquid Sky

Directed by Slava Tsukerman, the science fiction-tinged drama stars Anne Carlisle in a dual role as promiscuous, erotic and bi-sexual fashion model Margaret and her gay rival and nemesis, the androgynous Jimmy. Onto this city landscape arrive aliens in miniature flying saucers in search of heroin. However, an experiment reveals that the chemical released in the human brain during orgasm is just as powerful, even preferable to the drug they crave. Hanging around Margaret’s apartment, the aliens are able to achieve their desired fix. However, Margaret’s numerous casual sex partners soon each begin to die in mysterious ways…

Scanned and fully restored in 4k from the 35mm original negative, the Blu-ray edition of Liquid Sky does wonders for Yuri Neyman‘s wild and lush Day-Glo cinematography. The film is presented in full screen, with an aspect ratio of 1:85:1 and DTS-HD master audio mono.

Available for the first time ever on Blu-ray, the new disc is filled with bonus features, including the following:

-Director’s introduction and commentary track
-Interviews with Tsukerman and Carlisle
-Alamo Drafthouse screening Q&A with Tsukerman, Carlisle and Clive Smith (co-composer)
-“Liquid Sky Revisited” (2017), a 50-minute, making-of feature
-Behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage
-Never-before-seen outtakes
-Isolated soundtrack
-Alternate opening sequence
-Photo gallery
-Reversible cover artwork by Derek Gabryszak
-Multiple trailers
-English SDH subtitles

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