Blu-ray, DVD Release: Odds Against Tomorrow

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: May 29, 2018
Price: DVD $13.75, Blu-ray $16.45
Studio: Olive Films

Odds Against Tomorrow, Academy Award winner Robert Wise’s (West Side Story) taut film noir, stars Robert Ryan (Caught) as Earle Slater, a racist ex-con looking to make a quick buck, and Harry Belafonte (Carmen Jones) as Johnny Ingram, a nightclub performer with gambling debts and in need of some cash.

Robert Ryan (r.), Harry Belafonte (l.) and Ed Begley in Odds Against Tomorrow.

Recruited by disgraced cop David Burke (Ed Begley,  12 Angry Men) to help with a bank heist, Slater and Ingram become bitter allies in their greed and shared rage against the world. But a pivotal moment will send both men toward a cataclysmic outcome that is anything but black and white.

The 1959 crime movie features supporting performances by Academy Award winner Shelley Winters  (The Night of the Hunter) as Lorry, Slater’s apprehensive girlfriend, and Gloria Grahame (In a Lonely Place) as Helen, Slater’s emotionally damaged neighbor. It was written for the screen by Nelson Gidding and Abraham Polonsky, who due to the Blacklist was fronted by novelist John O. Killens,

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