Blu-ray Release: Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Complete Series

Blu-ray Release Date: Oct 13, 2020
Price: Blu-ray $24.99
Studio: Warner Archive

From the 1966 broadcast season comes Space Ghost & Dino Boy: The Complete Series.

Showcasing the episodes in the three-segment form as they originally aired, these stellar retro hits soar through space and time to deliver justice! First, intergalactic policeman Space Ghost navigates the cosmos in his tricked-out spaceship The Phantom Cruiser, battling villains like Brak and Zorak with his legendary suit and powerful wristbands. Then, Dino Boy teams with caveman Ugh and dinosaur Bronty to go primeval on the ancient menaces of their primitive home. And finally, Space Ghost flies again with more extraterrestrial adventures and thrilling takedowns.

This long-requested compilation also features the dynamic six-part Space Ghost episode “The Council of Doom” and thre feature-length profile ‘Simplicity: The Life and Art of Alex Toth.”

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