DVD, Digital Release: Hero on the Front

Digital, DVD Release Date: Nov. 17, 2020
Price: DVD $9.99
Studio: Omnibus Entertainment/Film Movement

The 2018 World War I epic Hero on the Front, a lavish period war drama, won five prestigious Portuguese Academy Awards (the “Sophia”), including the statuette for Best Screenplay and Best Film Editing.

The year was 1918. Aníbal Milhais was one of 75,000 Portuguese soldiers sent to Flanders in defense of the Western Front. During the Battle of La Lys, when his beleaguered unit was forced into retreat, Milhais ignored superior orders and stood his ground in the trenches. Before him, two German divisions advanced across no-man’s-land. Behind him, his battalion of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps and a Scottish regiment, having been decimated by a massive preparatory artillery barrage. Armed only with his Lewis light machine gun named “Luisinha”, he single-handedly fought off successive waves of attack Germans, saving the lives of countless Allied troops.

Hero on the Front was directed by Gonçalo Galvão Teles and Jorge Paixao da Costa.

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