DVD, Digital, On Demand Release: Pinocchio: A True Story

Digital, On Demand & DVD Release Date: March 22, 2022
Price: DVD $14.98
Studio: Lionsgate

The voices of Pauly Shore and Jon Heder can be heard in the new animated family tale Pinocchio: A True Story.

Think you know the story of Pinocchio? Maybe not…! In this humorous take on the classic tale, the wooden hero is a skilled acrobat who performs stunts with his beloved horse, the wisecracking Tybalt. He runs off to join a circus, where he falls for the ringmaster’s daughter, Bella. But when Pinocchio learns the circus is a cover-up for robberies, he must stop the crime spree in order to save Bella – and, hopefully, become human.

It’s directed by Vasiliy Rovensky.

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