DVD Release: The Honeymooners Specials: Complete Collection

DVD Release Date: Available now
Price: DVD $14.99
Studio: MPI

The Honeymooners Specials: Complete Collection is back on DVD!

Here’s a breakdown of the four installments included in the package:

The Honeymooners Valentine Special

Second Honeymoon – On the Kramden’s 25th wedding anniversary, Ralph plans to remarry Alice in a special ceremony at the Raccoon lodge. However, the festivities become overshadowed when Ralph believes Alice is pregnant and old pal Ed Norton begins to teach him how to take care of a baby​

Valentine Special – Alice Kramden secretly plans to buy husband Ralph a suit for Valentine’s Day but Ralph thinks she’s sizing him up for a coffin after he finds incriminating items, including a life-insurance policy. Believing Alice is seeing another man, Ralph gets pal Ed Norton to join him undercover, dressed in drag ​

Christmas Special – As Christmas approaches, Ralph Kramden’s latest get-rich scheme risks his and Alice’s life savings on the lottery. The gamble also places Alice’s mother’s Social Security check in jeopardy ​

A Christmas Carol – Ralph enlists Alice, Ed and Trixie to perform with him on stage after he agrees to supervise and star in the annual office holiday fund-raiser for a charity chosen by his boss’ wife.  Ralph ends up rewriting and reimagining Charles Dickens’ dramatic classic A Christmas Carol with comedic results when Ed serves as the inexperienced director.

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