DVD, Digital Release: Servants

DVD, Digital Release Date: April 12, 2022
Price: DVD $19.99
Studio: Film Movement

The unrated drama Servants is set in Czechoslovakia, 1980, a time and place where the totalitarian Communist regime demands allegiance from all its subjects, including the clergy.

Directed by Ivan Ostrochovsky, the film follows Michal and Juraj, two conflicted novitiates whose seminary is under increasing pressure by the Party to mold its students into satisfactory citizens. With the school on the brink of dissolution, and its head priest a target for blackmail, Michal and Juraj will have to choose between collaborating with the government as informants, or becoming targets of the secret police.

Presented in Slovak with English subtitles and shot in striking, atmospheric black-and-white, Servants is both a brooding morality tale and a taut political thriller “that jitters and shivers with anti-authoritarian sentiment beneath its serene monochrome aesthetic” (Variety).

The DVD also includes the bonus short film A Good Story, a German film with English subtitles directed by Martin-Christopher Bode

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