DVD, Digital Release: Unidentified

Digital, DVD Release Date: Nov. 22, 2022
Price: DVD $22.99
Studio: Film Movement

A small city in Northern Romania: despite growing debts and a complicated personal life, police detective Florin Lespas is determined to solve a hard case that no one else seems to care about. Ordered to put down the file, the cop continues his off-the-record investigations, soon turning up a strong lead for two hotel fires that resulted in several deaths.


The suspect is Bănel, a security guard of Roma descent, but he denies everything. Faced with the refusal of the police chief to support his inquiry, the mistrust of his colleagues, and his own inner demons, Florin resorts to extraordinary measures to achieve a form of justice.


Under the surface of a sharp, tightly woven mystery, Unidentified is a seething neo-noir touching on police corruption, prejudice, and toxic masculinity.


Directed by Bogdan George Apetri, Unidentified captured the Special Jury Award in International Competition at the Warsaw Film Festival and two awards at the Romania’s prestigious Gopo Awards: Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Screenplay. 

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