4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD Release: The Roundup: No Way Out

4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: April 9, 2024
Price: 4K Ultra HD/BLu-ray $44.98, DVD $12.96, Blu-ray $24.98
Studio: Capelight Pictures/MPI

Capelight Pictures presents the Korean crime thriller The Roundup: No Way Out, the sequel to the wildly popular 2022 flick The Roundup.


The film is set seven years after the events inThe Roundup, which saw South Korean police detective Ma Seok-do and his team dispatched to Vietnam to extradite a dangerous Korean fugitive who was suspiciously eager to be incarcerated back home. In the new film, the lovable lunk Ma (Don Lee, Eternals, Train to Busan) joins a new squad to investigate a murder case at home. He soon learns this case involves busting dealers of  a new synthetic drug called Hiper, and he starts to dig deeper. Meanwhile, the Japanese mafia boss behind it all, Ichizo (Jun Kunimura) won’t stop looking for trouble, and the Japanese drug distributor Ricky (Munetaka Aoki) and his gang come to Korea to join the chaos. Things are about to get out of hand…


The Roundup: No Way Out, the third title in the crowd-pleasing Crime City (aka The Outlaws) film series, is directed by The Roundup helmerLee Sang-yong.


The film won the Blue Dragon Award as the top box office hit of the year in South Korea, taking in over $80 million and counting. Reportedly, a sequel is in post-production and will be released in 2024.

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