Blu-ray Release: Hatchet: The Complete Collection

Blu-ray Steelbook Release Date: Available now
Price: Blu-ray Steelbook $69.98
Studio: Dark Sky Films

Old-school American horror is back as Adam Green’s iconic Hatchet series returns in a blook-soaked, fully UNRATED collection which unites all four films in the series for the first time!

Initially released at a time when the fun 80s-styled slasher flicks had all but disappeared from the cinematic landscape, Hatchet ushered in a new era of terror with it unapologetic and graphic brutality and the introduction of modern-day bogeyman Victor Crowley, who ruthless hunts down those who dare tread into his swamp.

With each installment, the stakes escalate, delivering bloodier scares and a relentless barrage of inventive, practical on-screen kills.

So gather all your pieces, because it’s time to return to Victor’s swamp and learns once and for all that some legends truly never die!

Disc 1: Hatchet (2006)
Disc 2: Hatchet II (2010)
Disc 3: Hatchet III (2013)
Disc 4: Victor Crowley (2017)
Disc 5: Exclusive Blu-ray bonus disc

Limited Edition Steelbook Bonus Disc Features:

Swamp Tales: In this new 53-minute documentary, writer/director Adam Green, director of photography Will Barratt, and producer Sarah Elbert share some of the funniest moments and difficult setback from their nearly 20 years of working together to create the Hatchet franchise.

The Production Journals: Throughout the production of the original Hatchet, cast and crew members shared their experiences making the movie with nightly journal entries. This new one-hour documentary features the original journals (read by the cast and crew in their own voices) and includes never-before-seen on-set photography detailing every moment of the production of the film that started it all.


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