News: Saving Private Ryan Blu-ray recalled

Saving Private Ryan Blu-ray boxA week after debuting Saving Private Ryan on Blu-ray, Paramount Home Entertainment recalled the 100,000 discs it shipped out.

An audio glitch causing the sound to go out of sync with the picture is due to a problem during the discs’ processing at Technicolor, according The Hollywood Reporter. The problem comes in chapter 15 of the movie.

Discs that are still on shelves have been pulled until replacement copies are shipped out, and consumers who have already bought the Saving Private Ryan Blu-ray can call 888.370.8621 for a new disc.

Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan, from DreamWorks, is considered one of the best war movies.

The film stars Tom Hanks (You’ve Got Mail), Matt Damon (The Informant), Tom Sizemore (TV’s Crash), Paul Giamatti (Pretty Bird) and others.

The story of a soldiers risking everything to save one man who’s brothers have already died in the war, Saving Private Ryan grossed $216 million when it ran in theaters in 1998. The Blu-ray includes two featurettes.

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