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DiscDish.com is a DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D website dedicated to the most notable movies and TV shows on disc. We feature new release details and reviews of all the mainstream, big Hollywood movies, from animated family movies like Toy Story 3 to popular horror films like the Saw franchise.

But we also dish about the best in independent films (Blue Valentine), classic movies (Citizen Kane) and other titles worth looking at, like TV shows (Modern Family) and even those cheesy monster and horror movies (Sharktopus) that can be so much fun to chew on.

We only write about notable releases, from Academy Award winners (The King’s Speech) to films that are considered “the worst movie ever” (Troll 2) — they have a following too!

As movie lovers and journalists, we don’t just tell you the release dates and disc specs. We write about the movies and what makes them notable on DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D, so you can best decide if they belong in your collection. Check out our full list of upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases.

In our reviews, we rate each DVD and Blu-ray in dishes — of course! — five being the best of the best. We rate the main feature, the audio and video quality and the overall package. For the overall rating, the movie or TV show gets the most weight, but a disc can get fewer dishes if we think the special features should have been better.

If you’re new to Blu-ray 3D, we’ve also got a list of all the available and upcoming Blu-ray 3D titles, so you can see if it’s worth an upgrade before you fork out the money.

DVD and Blu-ray database

Disc Dish is designed as a database so you can easily find what you’re looking for as well as recommendations that you might not have heard of before.

For the latest news, reviews, interviews and giveaways, check out our home page.

If you like a particular genre (like science-fiction), or person (like Tom Cruise), or even studio (like Warner Bros.), you can find more with our Person, Genre, Studio, Movies or TV Shows lists.

You can also find more of what you like on every page. For example, if you’re reading the Blu-ray review of The Big Lebowski, under the headline, you’ll find links to more related news and reviews about Blu-ray, Coen Brothers, Comedy, Jeff Bridges, Universal Studios and others.

Plus, other recommended titles are included at the bottom of every new release article and review, tailored from the characteristics of the movie or TV show you’re reading about.

So, wherever you are on Disc Dish, you can always find something good to watch.

More fun stuff

At Disc Dish, we don’t stop at news and reviews. We also serve up interviews with the actors, directors and you-name-its behind upcoming DVD, Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D releases. Every week, you can find out what movies made the Top 10 best renters and sellers. We dish on pop culture with a disc spin in our Today’s Special column. And we offer regular giveaways for DVDs, Blu-rays and more.

Buy and rent DVD and Blu-ray discs

What’s the point in having great entertainment if you can’t watch it?

We give you the information to make the best purchase decisions — disc specs, box-office gross, ratings on our reviews, trailers. Plus we offer links to four retailers that we like: Amazon, DVDEmpire, Movies Unlimited and Netflix.

Disc Dish is an affiliate of all the retailers, so you are supporting this website with your purchase. But don’t feel as though you have to shope at these stores. We offer them for your convenience. And, we offer four to give you more choice. If you have a favorite retailer that you would like us to consider adding, email us.

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Sam Clark is the former Managing Editor/Online Editor of Video Business magazine. With 19 years experience in journalism, 12 in the home entertainment industry, Sam has been hooked on movies on since she saw E.T. then stared into the sky waiting to meet her own friendly alien. Thanks to her husband’s shared love of movies, Sam reviews Blu-ray discs in a true home theater, with a 118-inch screen, projector and cushy recliners with cup holders.