Interview: Lesley Manville of Another Year

Lesley Manville shotDisc Dish had a chat with Lesley Manville, sterling actress of film and the British stage who was most recently seen as Ouisa Kittredge in a new production of Six Degrees of Separation at the Old Vic in London. On screen, Ms. Manville shined as the uptight and needy Mary in iconoclastic writer/director Mike Leigh’s 2010 adult drama Another Year (Blu-ray/DVD combo pack $38.96, Sony, released June 7, 2011).

Disc Dish: Where does Another Year fit in with your journey with Mike Leigh, whom you’ve worked with on seven films?

Lesley Manville: It would be right up there, like All or Nothing back in 2001. Sometimes you have a cameo in Mike’s films, other times you have a middle-type part, and they’re all fantastic. It’s a tribute to him, as we want to do the work. Speaking for myself, he gives me a chance to play challenging characters that are a long way off from what I’ve done for him before.

DD: It’s a strong movie, Another Year.

LM: It’s a nice film, yes, a substantial film. It deals with all the tough stuff that grown-ups have to deal with.

DD: Your character, Mary, is quite a handful. Not to mention she drinks a bit too much.

Another Year Blu-ray image LM: She is the sum total of her own doing. What the film says is that it’s quite arbitrary where you end up.

DD: Can you describe the rehearsal process Mr. Leigh goes through with his cast before the shooting starts?

LM: We have so long to create the characters. For Another Year, we had many, many weeks to prepare. We start with nothing; there are no imposed details on it. It’s not like sticking on a Band-Aid. We work through our creations very thoroughly. By the time the characters make it to the screen, we know who they are.

DD: You’ve also been doing a lot of television work over recent years. Is it as rewarding as film or theatre?

LM: Television is difficult and I don’t particularly enjoy it because of the lack of time and rehearsals. It’s not terribly satisfying. I enjoy my theater work immensely. I’ve worked with fantastic directors in the theater.

DD: Are you interested in sitting in the director’s chair yourself?

LM: I think I could direct if I wanted to. Mike Leigh says I’d make a very good director. But the idea of it has never gripped me enough to do something about it. I don’t know … I like acting too much. If I was directing, I think I’d start telling the actors how to do their jobs.

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