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STUDIO: Monterey | DIRECTOR: Todd Berger | CAST: Blaise May, Sherilyn Fenn, Jeff Grace, Suzanne May, Kevin Brennan, John Landis
5/24/11 | PRICE: DVD $26.95
deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, music video
R | 102 min. | Comedy thriller | widescreen | stereo | English and Spanish subtitles

RATINGS (out of 5): Movie | Audio | Video | Overall

The Scenesters movie scene

Crimes are committed in The Scenesters.

A well-received 2009 independent film that won several honors at film festivals, The Scenesters offers an innovative take on a murder mystery, infusing tongue-in-cheek comedy to the deadly plotline.

The nonlinear story unfolds in flashbacks via the retelling by aspiring filmmaker Wallace Cotten (director Todd Berger), who is being questioned by district attorney Barbara Dietrichson (Sherilyn Fenn, TV’s Twin Peaks). Cotten has been hired as a videographer by the LAPD, which is investigating a serial killer who is targeting beautiful, young hipsters.

Filmmaker Berger takes this opportunity to offer his commentary on East Los Angeles, which prides itself on alternative music venues and thrift stores. Angelenos familiar with the eastside will enjoy the inside jokes and jabs at hipster culture.

The soundtrack also features local acts, including The Airborne Toxic Event and Le Switch.

Clever approach and inside jokiness aside, The Scenesters can’t completely escape its low-budget limitations, and Angelenos will probably enjoy the film more than others.


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