Blu-ray Release: The Blob (1988)

Blu-ray Release Date: Oct. 14, 2014
Price: Blu-ray $29.95
Studio: Twilight Time

The Blob movie scene

Beware the glob that is The Blob!

The 1988 gooey horror movie The Blob is a remake of the equally gelatinous 1958 film of the same name which starred a young Steve McQueen.

The new version of the movie follows the same general plot of the original: A deadly mucilaginous ( a Google thesaurus function word) creature from another planet (possibly…) makes its way to Earth, where it makes its way into a small town, envelops everything in its path and grows at a startling rate. A pair of teenagers (Entourage’s Kevin Dillon and the Saw franchise’s Shawnee Smith) try in vain to warn the townsfolk, who refuse to take them seriously.

Co-written by Frank Darabont in one of his earliest projects prior to The Shawshank Redemption and Walking Dead fame, the movie also stars Donovan Leitch, Jeffrey DeMunn (another Walking Deader), Bill Moseley, Del Close and Candy Clark (American Graffiti).

Twilight Time will be printing up 5,000 copies of this title (instead of the usual 3,000 copies), but expect this one to be a mover. Pre-order your Blu-ray discs directly from distributor Screen Archives NOW!

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