DVD Release: Hell Hunters

DVD Release Date: July 5, 2016
Price: DVD $17.98
Studio: Film Chest

A group of Nazi hunters must stop an evil doctor from getting his revenge for the fall of the Third Reich in the action-packed, unabashedly B-ish 1987 action-adventure-horror cult flick Hell Hunters.

There's Eighties mayhem afoot in Hell Hunters.

There’s Eighties mayhem afoot in Hell Hunters.

Wanted for war crimes, Nazi zealot Dr. Martin Hoffmann (Stewart Granger, Footsteps in the Fog) has been hiding deep in the jungle of Paraguay for 40 years. Searching for a weapon powerful enough to restore his dream of Aryan domination, the evil scientist experiments with the venom of a poisonous spider and creates a mind-controlling serum. With his cohort, Heinrich (George Lazenby, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), Hoffmann forms a plan to test his concoction on the population of Los Angeles while a dedicated band of Nazi hunters, led by the beautiful Amanda (Maud Adams, Rollerball), is rapidly closing in on them. Who will win this deadly game of hide and seek?

Restored in HD from original 35mm film elements, Hell Hunters was directed by B Movie King Ernst R. von Theumer, who also helmed such delirious entries as Jungle Warriors and Red Heat.

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