Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Release: The Song of Names

Digital, Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: March 24, 2020
Price: DVD $17.99, Blu-ray $22.99
Studio: Sony

Tim Roth (Meantime) and Clive Owen (Croupier) star in The Song of Names, an emotional detective story spread over two continents and a half century. Beneath the film’s stunning and pulsing musical revelations burn the horror of a war and the lost souls extinguished from history.

That’s what the Sony Pictures Home Entertainment press release says. Some digging has revealed this plot description:


In Europe, during World War II, Martin, a nine-year-old boy, takes a liking to his new adopted brother, Dovidl. Dovidl is a miracle violin player of his age, and has just arrived in London as a refugee. After a few years, before giving a concert at age 21, Dovidl disappears without a trace, bringing shame and ruin to his adoptive family. Years later, when Martin is 56 years old, a young violinist shows a style that only Dovidl could have taught.

This period drama is directed by François Girard of The Red Violin fame, based on the novel by Norman Lebrecht.

Blu-ray Features:

  • Behind the Song of Names: Director François Girard and Producer Robert Lantos brought Norman Lebrecht’s acclaimed novel to life with the outstanding performances of Tim Roth and Clive Owen.
  • Howard Shore: Composing & Scoring:After two years of research, composer Howard Shore conducts and records the score for THE SONG OF NAMES in Montreal.
  • Howard Shore & Ray Chen:Composer Howard Shore chose virtuoso Ray Chen for the incredible violin playing heard in THE SONG OF NAMES.
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