New Release: The Busby Berkeley 9-Film Collection DVD

Gold Diggers of 1933 movie scene

Gold Diggers of 1933

Warner Home Video compiled nine classic musical films for the Busby Berkeley 9-Film Collection, which was released on DVD on Oct. 12, 2010, priced at $69.92.

The 10-DVD box set contains these musicals choreographed by Berkeley: 42nd Street, Footlight Parade, Dames, Varsity Show, Hollywood Hotel, Gold Diggers in Paris and three other movies in the Gold Diggers series: Gold Diggers of 1933, Gold Diggers of 1935 and Gold Diggers of 1937. Each film comes with special features, plus a bonus disc in the set offers more extras.

Here’s the full lineup of supplements:

42nd Street

  • featurettes “Harry Warren: America’s Foremost Composer,” “Hollywood Newsreel” and “A Trip Through a Hollywood Studio”
  • and notes on Busby Berkeley.

Footlight Parade

  • featurettes “Footlight Parade: Music for the Decades,” “Rambling ‘Round Radio Row #8” and “Vaudeville Reel #1”
  • two classic cartoons “Honeymoon Hotel” and “Young and Healthy”
  • and theatrical trailer.


  • featurettes “And She Learned About Dames,” “Busby Berkeley’s Kaleidoscopic Eyes,” “Good Morning, Eve” and “Melody Master: Don Redman and His Orchestra”
  • two classic cartoons “I Only Have Eyes for You” and “Those Beautiful Dames”
  • “Direct From Hollywood” radio promo
  • and theatrical trailer.

Varsity Show

  • Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy comedy short “A Neckin’ Party”
  • and classic cartoon “Have You Got Any Castles.”

Hollywood Hotel

  • historical short “The Romance of Robert Burns”
  • Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy comedy short “Double Talk”
  • and classic cartoon “Porky’s Five & Ten.”

Gold Diggers in Paris

  • Broadway Brevities musical short “The Candid Kid”
  • and two classic cartoons “Cinderella Meets a Fella” and “Love and Curses.”

Gold Diggers of 1933

  • featurettes “42nd Street: From Book to Stage to Screen,” “The 42nd Street Special,” “Gold Diggers: FDR’s New Deal…Broadway Bound,” “Rambling ‘Round Radio Row #2” and “Seasoned Greetings”
  • three classic cartoons “I’ve Got to Sing a Torch Song,” “Pettin’ in the Park” and “We’re in the Money”
  • and Busby Berkeley musicals trailer gallery.

Gold Diggers of 1935

  • featurettes “(buz’be bur’kle) n. A Study in Style” and “Double Exposure”
  • two classic cartoons “Gold Diggers of ’49” and “Shuffle Off to Buffalo”
  • “Direct From Hollywood” radio promo
  • and Gold Diggers trailer gallery.

Gold Diggers of 1937

  • historical short “The Romance of Louisiana”
  • classic cartoons “Plenty of Money and You” and “Speaking of the Weather”
  • and two excerpts from 1929’s Gold Diggers of Broadway.

The bonus DVD contains:

  • From 42nd Street: “Young and Healthy,” “Shuffle Off to Buffalo” and “42nd Street”
  • From Gold Diggers of 1933: “We’re in the Money,” “Pettin’ in the Park,” “Shadow Waltz” and “Remember My Forgotten Man”
  • From Footlight Parade: “Sittin’ On a Backyard Fence,” “Ah, the Moon Is Here,” “Honeymoon Hotel,” “Shanghai Lil” and “By a Waterfall”
  • From Fashions of 1934: “Spin a Little Web of Dreams”
  • From Wonder Bar: “Don’t Say Goodnight”
  • From Dames: “The Girl at the Ironing Board,” “I Only Have Eyes for You” and “Dames”
  • From Gold Diggers of 1935: “The Words Are in My Heart” and “Lullaby of Broadway”
  • From In Caliente: “The Lady in Red”
  • From Gold Diggers of 1937: “All is Fair in Love and War”


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