New Release: Chaws DVD

Chaws movie scene

A giant mutant boar pigs out in the South Korean monster movie Chawz.

The 2009 South Korean monster movie Chawz, about a giant, flesh-eating wild boar that terrorizes a remote village, arrived on DVD from Magnolia Home Entertainment on April 26, 2011.

The film follows ecologist Soo Ryeon (Yu-mi Jeong), who visits the rural village of Sameri and stumbles on the half-eaten remains of a young woman. Soo Ryeon quickly comes to the conclusion that a wild animal was responsible.

But as the attacks continue, it’s discovered that the toothsome culprit is in fact an enormous, mutant boar that was created through a series of Japanese pig breeding experiments. The village people bring in the nation’s most famous hunter (Yoon Je Moon) to track down and slay the murderous beast.

With its mix of graphic gore effects and an undeniable sense of humor, Chaws, directed by Jeong-won Shin, sounds like a hoot, and it quickly picked up a sizable cult following.

Incidentally, the film was originally titled Chaw in its native South Korean, but renamed Chaws for release in the U.S., where it premiered on DVD.

No special features are on the Chaws DVD, which is priced at $26.98.


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