New Release: Behemoth DVD

Behemoth movie scene

Havoc is wreaked in Behemoth.

Behemoth, another entry in RHI Entertainment, SyFy and Vivendi’s “Maneater Series” of made-for-TV monster movies, arrived on DVD on April 5, 2011, courtesy of Vivendi/RHI.

In the film, an earthquake and volcano in the small town of Ascension unleash a colossal, mythical beast from the depths of the Earth. As the Behemoth wreaks havoc, it’s a race against time as a small band of rescuers and government agents attempt to locate a specially designed weapon from the Department of Defense to destroy the creature.

If the story is kind of familiar, it’s because you’ve probably seen something like it before in countless previous creature features, including such Maneater Series films as Croc (2007),Vipers (2008) and Sea Beast (2009).

Directed by David Hogan and starring Ed Quinn (TV’s True Blood), William B. Davis (TV’s The X-Files) and Pascale Hutton (TV’s Fringe), Behemoth premiered on SyFy in January.

At this point, we have only one question: Who would win in a battle between the Behemoth and the Sharktopus?

No bonus features are on the DVD, which carries a list price of $19.97.


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