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Gargoyles movie scene

There's something demonic under the sand in 1972's Gargoyles.

Gargoyles, the 1972 TV horror movie starring Cornel Wilde (The Naked Prey) and Jennifer Salt (Sisters), returned DVD from Hen’s Tooth Video on May 17, 2011. The film became an instant cult favorite when it first aired and has been very hard to find on VHS over the years, let alone disc.

The story shows Wilde playing an anthropology professor who stumbles on a clan of demonic gargoyles while traveling through a Southwestern desert region. Of course, as they’re gargoyles (adorned in Emmy Award-winning makeup by a team that included a young Stan Winston), they’ve got world domination on their minds.

Originally aired on CBS in the fall of 1972, Gargoyles was issued on tape in the late 1980s by the low-budget VHS label Star Classics. VCI issued the film in both VHS and DVD editions in 2003. All have been out of print for years but can be found from used retailers on Amazon.

Hen’s Tooth’s DVD edition features an audio commentary by director Bill L. Norton, a veteran TV director whose other credits include a slew of television movies as well as episodes of Angel, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Unit and other popular series.

Gargoyles is presented in the standard television format of 1.33:1 fullscreen.

The DVD carries a list price of $19.95.


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