DVD Release: Guilty Hearts

Spelling Bee movie scene

Charlie Sheen and Anna Faris provide the commentary in Spelling Bee, one of the short films in Guilty Hearts.

We knew there was a Charlie Sheen straight-to-DVD movie out there just waiting to be released!

You can’t keep Sheen down when it comes to his work on disc (as we pointed out a few weeks back). Sheen was back on the DVD scene with the June 28, 2011, release of Guilty Hearts. Phase 4 Films priced the movie on DVD at $29.99.

Okay, from what we can gather, Guilty Hearts is a 2006 feature-length anthology consisting of six short films, both dramas and comedies, which really don’t look like they’re related.

Here’s the official synopsis of the film from the Phase 4 site: “Follow the lives of nine strangers living worlds apart as they look for love, happiness, success, and friendship against all odds. Carrying the burden of guilt, they must escape their pasts before they can move forward.”

Sheen appears as himself in the short comedy entitled Spelling Bee, a 15-minute piece directed and co-written by Phil Dornfeld. It’s about a young spelling champ (Drew Mikuska) who uses rudimentary mnemonic devices to make advance all the way to National Spelling Bee Championship. Sheen appears alongside Anna Faris (Yogi Bear) in Anna Faris-ish mode as a blow-dried TV anchor. The two give blow-by-blow commentary on the big bee.

Disc Dish had a chance to check out Spelling Bee and it’s a pretty cute entry. At one point in the film, Faris coos, “He makes me wish I was 14 again, Charlie,” regarding one dorky contestant. “You and me both,” grins Sheen. Too funny.

The other five shorts in Guilty Hearts boast some impressive talent. Here’s what we’re looking at:


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