New Release: Tekken Blu-ray and DVD

Tekken movie scene

The fight is on in Tekken (in case you don't see the title on the wall).

After its trailer kicked around the Internet for more than a year, 2010 live-action adventure movie Tekken — yep, based on the classic martial arts videogame — went straight to Blu-ray and DVD. Anchor Bay Films and Manga Entertainment released the R-rated film, which did see light on a handful of screens in the Philippines, as a Blu-ray/DVD combo and DVD on July 19, 2011.

In the year 2039, world wars have destroyed everything and territories are run by corporations, the mightiest and nastiest of which is known as Tekken. Jin Kazama (John Foo) witnesses the death of his mother (Tamlyn Tomita) by Tekken, an act for which he vows vengeance.

How does he get his revenge? Armed only with his street smarts and raw fighting skills, Jin enters a dangerous and potentially deadly combat tournament, where he must defeat the world’s most elite fighters to become the “King of the Iron Fist.”

Okay, so it’s not the most linear of plots, but how many films based on videogames are?

Directed by Dwight H. Little (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers), Tekken also stars Kelly Overton (The Ring Two) and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Planet of the Apes), as well as former world champion kick boxer Gary Daniels (The Expendables), MMA fighters Cung Le (Pandorum) and Roger Huerta, and Tae Kwon Do champ Anton Kasabov.

The Blu-ray/DVD combo and DVD carry the list prices of $39.99 and $26.98, respectively. The Blu-ray/DVD combo has a downloadable digital copy of the movie, so you can take it with you wherever you want to go.

Here’s that trailer, in case you aren’t one of 3.8 million views it got on YouTube so far:


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